Natural Makeup Look for African American Women and Women of Color

In our "No Makeup" Natural Makeup Tutorial, beauty expert Jacen Bowman shows you how do natural makeup for women with darker complexions.


How to Acheive a "Fresh Face" Natural Makeup Look

1.  Start your makeup routine by moisturizing and protecting skin with True Complexion Refining Skin Primer. Apply with a dual fiber brush to close off open pores.

2.  Even out your skin tone with True Complexion BB Cream. Apply with a makeup brush or fingers and pat to blend out.

3.  Begin contouring with Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Kit. With the darkest creme in the contour palette, use a large contour brush to gently buff the cream to the areas you want to define: the hollows of the cheeks, hairline, and jawline.

4. Use a smaller brush to apply the medium shade, scluplting the top of cheekbones to make them stand out.

5.  Using your fingers to warm the product, apply the lightest shade of the contour paette to illuminate the apples of your cheeks for a healthy pop of color.

6.  Finish this fabulous natural makeup look with mascara and nude lip color.